Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Moving Day : Visit My New Blog "Art First Science Second"

I'm moving my blogging activity to my new blog Art First Science Second .  My new blog chronicles my adventures as a budding citizen/artist/scientist.  Please come over and have a look!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Particle Fever

Nima Arkani Hamed is one  the worlds top theoretical physicist right now. He is a star in the film "Particle Fever"  This is an exciting film the documents the research and the story of the Large Hadron Collider in  Switzerland. Even if you do not have any science background, you will enjoy this film about the exciting science being conducted right now in the area of particle physics.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Tools of the Trade Travels to North Central College

Many thanks for a very warm welcome at North Central College's Schoenher Gallery. You can see more art work on my web site HERE. I got to meet some great people and was introduced to Ana Zanic. Her work is showing at Governors State University Gallery and can't wait to see her show in person!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Sketchbook Pages-Manufactured River: The Aeration Tanks

Canvas on the left, silk charmeuse on the right

Austin Kleon suggests that bad weather makes for a productive artist. Here in Chicago we have had plenty of bad weather days to keep me in and working in the studio.

I wanted to open the pages of my sketchbook to share some ideas I have about expressing the vitality of the aeration tanks in a waste water treatment plant.

Inspired by mosaics from classical Greece

Many thanks to Lea & Sachs for their beautiful narrow textiles.

The finished pieces developed from these sketches will be 60" high x 24" wide. I'll post when they are finished.

 Here's what a real aeration tank looks like on a gray day in Chicago at the MWRD Stickney Plant:

The aeration tanks are filled with hungry microbes who convert our waste into energy and then reproduce so more microbes can eat and use the energy to.....well you get the picture. Prolific little buggers!  The tank is a most dynamic environment.

It's my job as an artist to make this rather dull gray image come alive  and help people understand what is happening to all that dirty water that leaves our homes and businesses. This process is a  modern engineering marvel and an essential governmental service.

My friend Vivien Blackburn had this great sketchbook video of designer Zandra Rhodes  on facebook today. Her dynamic character really shows in her drawing style.

North Park College is hosting my art work created during my residency at the Oak Park Police Department. The opening is Friday March 7th at 6PM and I'll be speaking at the event.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Manufactured River Goes to WEFTEC 2013 in Chicago

Jack Darin, Director of Illinois Sierra Club was kind enough to stop by for a visit
All work created with dress shirts, silks, table linens, embroidery and embellishments on canvas.

The Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference 2013 at McCormick Place is North America's largest water quality event and they invited me to show Manufactured River in the grand concourse. Thank you WEF staff for a wonderful  and professional conference experience!

Jackie Pernot and Michelle Ruiz from Chicago Art Source who represents my work in Chicago

Toni Glymph, Chief Microbiologist at MWRD

Robert Kennedy Jr. spoke on Tuesday morning about the value of reclaimed Phosphorous from biosolids

Grand Concourse 

Three Soil Sentinels 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Manufactured River: Press and WEFTEC in Chicago

When Amoeba Dominate

"Manufactured River" is getting some very nice press. Here is a list of some recent publications:

Thank you to my new supporters!

If you are attending the Water Environment Federation Technical Conference at McCormick Place in Chicago October 5-9, stop by and see original art from my project "Manufactured River". I'd love to see you!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adventures in Ireland Part II

We stayed in Gallway for a couple of days. This enabled us to visit  Inishmor, the famous Aran Island. We took a ferry out, rented bikes and headed out to explore.

Lichens on a rock wall. The rock walls provide a rich visual symphony of neutrals. 

There are lots of variations on the dry stone walls. This was a particularly elegant style.

This is the 13th century Athenry Castle.  The Irish government has done a splendid job reconstructing this beautiful building.
The little room hanging off the side of the castle is the most up to date toilet technology money could buy back then.

If your farm field is wall to wall stones then your option, to get them out of the way elegantly is to make....dry stone walls. The walls on the brow of a hill look like rock lace so the wind won't blow them over.

This is the bronze age fort of Dun Aengus. You can see beautiful areal photos here.
Adorable rock picnic table!

This is going to have to be three parts. I'm having a hard time editing all the beautiful sights......Stay tuned

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ireland Adventures Part I

We arrived in Shannon at 7AM jet lagged, hungry  and all set to drive on the left side. Oh crap, we forgot our portable defibrillator. Thanks to Craig we drove without mishap.

Within one hour of arrival, my obsession with stones begins. Ireland has 240,000 kilometers of dry stone walls. Plenty of source material for me to chew on.

 Rather alarming road sign we found at 10AM our first day.
Our first destination: the Cliffs of Moher. Enough beauty to break your heart into a thousand pieces.

Amazing landscape architecture for the Cliffs of Moher visitor center. The use of local stones made sure the built environment totally blended in with the cliffs. (I'm exercising remarkable restraint in not showing you all 50 rock photos.....)

We traveled 6000 miles to hear......American musicians in Galway?

The River Corrib runs through Galway and has many diversions created to power various manufacturing during the industrial revolution. We passed men fishing in several spots throughout the town.

Will post part II later this week.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sketchbook :Idea Generation for Manufactured River

Water Bills

Working out sketch ideas for textiles is a little like wearing a raincoat in the shower. It's much easier to generate ideas in fabric. but I love the immediacy of sketches.

Test plots idea 1

Test plots idea 2

Poseidon's Siblings III idea